Available Colors

What do I need to know about the colors on the website? The colors presented on the website do not truly represent the exact Pantone of the color received (even though its close).

Does it cost more to order a specific color? All Standard US colors come with no additional charge. The extended and day glo colors are subject to 5% extra upon check out for those sets ordered. You do not have an option to order the additional colors from our site, if you need to please contact us - orders@legacyholds.com

Can I order custom colors? No, only the colors listed below are available.

Is there a difference between standard US and Composite X standard colors? No, Aragon and Composite X US color pallets are made to match. There are also different colors you can buy from each factory that the other does not match. 


WEBSITE COLORS ARAGON (US Standard) - Recommended



EXTRA COLORS ARAGON (US Standard) - Contact Us For These


EXTENDED COLORS ARAGON (5% Extra) - Contact Us For These


STANDARD NATURAL ARAGON (No Charge) - Contact Us For These


DAY GLOW ARAGON (5% Extra) - Contact Us For These