Our Story

Welcome to Legacy Ascension, where we believe that the legacy we leave behind in climbing is just as important as the climbs we conquer. Our passion for climbing is not only about our personal achievements, but also the positive impact we can have on the broader climbing community.

Our goal is to inspire future climbers and routesetters by pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in climbing and creating unforgettable experiences in the gym that will be remembered for years to come. We believe that our legacy reflects who we are as both climbers and individuals.

Our founder, Louie Anderson, is a veteran routesetter with over three decades of experience in the industry. He has significantly influenced the way we climb both indoors and outdoors since 1987 and has left a profound impact on the climbing industry. His mentorship has helped many routesetters and gym owners, and his thousands of hold shapes have literally shaped our industry. Additionally, his outdoor route development has expanded countless crags in California and Wyoming.

At Legacy Ascension, we take pride in offering high-quality climbing holds that are meticulously crafted with a unique purpose and intention, ensuring an unforgettable and challenging climbing experience for all skill levels. We believe that the best routesetting incorporates creativity, technical knowledge, and attention to detail, and we strive to embody these qualities in every hold we create.

Whether you're a seasoned setter or just starting, what makes a difference in the gym is the consistent day-in and day-out execution of fun, memorable, and creative setting. We shape holds, knowing that in the right hands, they can shape a climbers' day and gym experience in ways we will never comprehend.