Our Story

Legacy Ascension is a hold company started by Louie Anderson out of a dusty barn in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. His vision for the company name from more than 20 years of innovating hold designs for over a dozen popular climbing hold brands. The idea is simple; build something that can be remembered as his greatest climbing hold designs.

All of the hold designs are shaped by Louie in his Ten Sleep studio and are created with thoughtful intent and specific purpose.  We will not release any shapes that we do not feel bring value and substance to the industry.  Legacy will continue to grow and to add new hold designs, but this will be done in a calculated and sustainable way -  we will not be flooding the market with a mass of new shapes overnight. 

Louie has a global view on shaping and will from time to time shape things similar to what he or other people have done in the past.  This is not meant to copy that previous work,  but rather to complement it and to offer the route setting world more expansive options and similar shapes that might work well together with his previous designs.  There are many quality holds being offered by other companies and climbing facilities would be best served by purchasing from multiple companies and mixing and matching all available shapes as it makes sense to provide climbers with the best possible experience.  Our holds are designed to allow setters to do that more easily.  Routesetting is about leaving behind the best possible experience for climbers and we want to help with that goal.