Our Partners

Our Domestic Manufacturer - Aragon has been the leader of North America manufacturing of climbing holds for over a decade. They make there clients feel like family and always produce the high quality products our clients are looking for. If you want to know more about them and there partners click here.
Our Polyfiber Volume Manufacturer - Started in 2018, Tack has produced what we believe is the best surface quality and strength of any screw on volumes available on the hold market today. Their secret is the perfect merger of urethane on the surface and fiberglass as the hollowback. If you want to learn more contact us!
Our International Manufacturer - The largest Manufacturer of climbing holds in the world. Composite X is continually innovating their process and material to give clients their best. Currently they are producing a very high quality product named Danomond and is offering $1 per pound shipping to the US 10 day delivery. To learn more about Composite X and Danomond US deal click here.
Our Management Company - Escape Climbing exists as a company to enable the sport of climbing. Our mission is to get every hand on a hold. We want to tear down the barriers of climbing by making our sport more accessible to anyone. By designing and distributing great climbing holds we hope to bring out the best in route setters, which in turn leads to a better climbing experience.


Companies we Support


Ten Sleep Rock Ranch- Located in the sleepy town of Ten Sleep Wyoming, the Rock Ranch  is owned and operated by Louie and Valarie Anderson. It is a destination visited by hundreds of aspiring sport climbers looking for comfortable camping and cabin rentals near miles of limestone cliffs. What to learn more click the logo on the left.
Access Fund- Access Fund is the US national advocacy organization that leads and inspires the climbing community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment.